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    Welcome to Most Holy Redeemer/Nativity Parish.

    A parish should be a home for the spirit.

    It should be a place where we are Welcomed,
    nourished with the Word and Eucharist
    and enabled to Worship the Lord in truth and with joy. 

    The parish should direct our energy 
    to the Welfare of the poor, the sick, 
    the neighborhood, the world.

    The parish should make us bold to Witness 
    to our faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and in one another.

    These “five W’s” describe what a parish should be, and what our Catholic Christian presence should be in the world around us.

    In 1842, first Irish, later Italian and Latino immigrants served by the Jesuits around 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue, followed in 1844 by the German immigrants and the Redemptorists here on East 3rd Street, have built a parish community where so many, then and now, have found a welcoming peace and a home for their spirit. 

    Today our commitment is to be a home for the spirit where all can find welcome and plentiful Redemption in Jesus Christ, Whose Nativity for our Salvation is celebrated here 24/7/365. 
    A lot has changed since the 1840s, but we at M.H.R.N. still try to live by the five W’s.


  • Welcome!

    Would you like to register with us and be part of our parish?  Stop by our Rectory anytime during our extensive Office Hours listed on the right.  You can also click on the "About- Parish Registration" links above to the left.