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    Welcome to Most Holy Redeemer/ Nativity Parish.

    Are you looking for something more in life? Do you often think: "Why are we here? Where are going? What is life all about" Do you want to reach out to other people? Maybe you are looking for God. Or more likely God is looking for you.

         The greatest treasure we Catholics have is our faith  -- our friendship with God. We would like to share that faith with you. If you are looking for a faith community we invite you to come to Most Holy Redeemer - Nativity Church.

         Come to celebrate the Eucharist, our central form of worship. Although you may not yet be able to enjoy full participation through the reception of Holy Communion, you will have an opportunity to pray with believers. You will learn what Catholics believe. You will hear the voice of God calling you.

    If you have any questions, call me at 212-673-4224. We hope to see you soon.


    In the Redeemer,                    

    Rev. Sean McGillicuddy, C.Ss.R


  • Archdiocesan Safety Announcement  

    Anyone who needs to report an alleged incident of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest, deacon, religious, or lay person serving in the Archdiocese of NY is asked to contact Sr. Eileen Clifford, O.P. at 212-3711000 x2949 or Deacon George J. Coppola at 917-8611762.  Both may also be reached via e-mail at victimassistance@archny.org. Information can be found on the Archdiocesan website, www.archny.org. In keeping with the Archdiocesan policy regarding sexual abuse of minors, this information is provided to ensure that our children remain safe and secure.


  • Welcome!

    Would you like to register with us and be part of our parish?  Stop by our Rectory anytime during our extensive Office Hours listed on the right.  You can also click on the "About- Parish Registration" links above to the left.

  • Bienvenidos a nuestra parroquia del Santisimo Redentor/Nativity

    ¿Está buscando más de la vida? ¿ A veces piensa: "¿Por qué estamos aquí? ¿Hacia adónde vamos? ¿Cuál es el propósito de la vida?" ¿Quiere acercarse a los demás? Tal vez está buscando a Dios. O probablamente Dios está buscando a usted.

         El tesoro m
    ás grande, que tenemos como Católicos es nuestra fe -- nuestra amistad con Dios. Queremos compartir nuestra fe con usted. Por eso, si está buscando unirse a una comunidad de fe, le invitamos a visitarnos en la Iglesia del Santísimo Redentor - Nativity.

         Participe con nosotros en la Eucarist
    ía, nuestra oración por excelencia. Aunque todavía no esté en condición para participar plenamente a través de la recepción de la Santa Comunión, tendrá la oportunidad para unirse en oración con otros creyentes. Aprenderá nuestras creencias como Católicos. Y escuchará la voz de Dios en tu propio corazón.

         Si necesita más información, me puede llamar al 212- 673-4224. Esperamos conocerle pronto.

    En el Redentor,                    

    P. Juan McGillicuddy, C.Ss.R.